Why Do Comedians Die Young? Understanding the Association Between Laughter and Lifespans

People say that laughter is the best medicine and is great for the soul. So, if you have a good sense of humor, you will live longer, with the ability to laugh your way through the various problems that you are facing in your life. But, do these statements hold to you and other people? You need to understand that there is a huge difference between humor and sarcasm.

Perhaps a jaded person who is somewhat cynical in many ways and has gone through many hardships in the past allows a lot of negative thoughts and feelings inside, affecting their personality as a whole. All these negative aspects may also be affecting their immune system in a bad way. However, no one truly knows how one thing leads to another, the same goes with what this article will suggest next.

Now, do you ever wonder why some of the most popular comedians don’t reach old age, except for a few who have grown old like Bob Hope and George Burns? If you look at most modern-day comedians, you will notice that most of them die before their expected lifespans. Why does this happen to them?

You can’t find what this page will be talking about anywhere. It’s a biology topic that most people don’t take the time to find out. If you use Google Scholar and other sources online, you will not find any research reports on these trends. While urban myth and conventional wisdom may indicate that people who have a great sense of humor live longer, which may be true in some cases, you cannot prove it. Unfortunately, you will find more examples that prove just the opposite.

To this day, some people are very much aware that the best comedians usually don’t live into old age. Could it be because of their negativity? You see, most comedians look for negative things that they can make light of during their shows. Could it be because of the type of comedy that they do? Perhaps they die young because of the stress they feel from being on stage and entertaining other people? Could it be that they are always making fun of other people on stage that these other people are sending them back negative vibes?

Could it be because they feel as if everyone only likes them due to their ability to make other people laugh and not because of who they truly are? Perhaps it is because they are manic depressive on the inside that they end up using their sense of humor on the outside as a shield or a look of happiness.

Do they spend most of their lives making other people laugh because their lives were once dismal or are still now? Do they make other people laugh because they are depressed or feel inadequate? Everyone knows that depression is not going to help people achieve a longer lifespan. In such cases, experts and regular people need to explore depression further when it comes to comedians.