Top 6 Pranks Gone Wrong

Everyone loves a good prank. Most of us probably pulled one before. But sometimes, pranks that people think would be funny and cool turn out to be cruel or worse, deadly.

Number 1: Justin Bieber’s Infamous Call Me Tweet

Justin Bieber made quite the stir when he pulled out what he initially thought was a harmless joke. The Canadian singer tweeted “Call me!” along with nine digits of an entirely made up phone number. Although it wasn’t a complete number, his fanbase, mostly teenage girls, took him seriously and deduced that the missing digit would be anything between zero and nine.

As a result, several Dallas, Texas residents were flooded with hysterical phone calls from crazed fans. So much for an imaginary phone number.


Number 2: Calling Former Pres. George W. Bush’s Direct Line

In 2007, a 16-year-old Icelandic boy named Vifill Atlason managed to access former U.S. President George W. Bush’s direct line. The teenager allegedly dialed the number, pretended to be Iceland’s president, Olafur Grimsson, and requested a personal meeting with the POTUS.

Surprisingly, he even passed intensive quizzing about Grimsson’s life by consulting Wikipedia. The extent of his prank almost got him a personal meeting with Bush. Not until he got busted and interrogated by authorities for several hours.

Interestingly, Vifill claimed he doesn’t remember where he got the number, but revealed that he had it since he was just eleven.  Vifill did face any legal charges but is no longer allowed to set foot in the U.S.

Number 3: Drugging Teachers

In 2006, Texas seniors Ian Walker and Joseph Tellini dropped off some homemade muffins at their high school’s front office. Now it may seem innocent and all, but the teenagers actually have something else in mind.

Just a few hours after teachers and other school officials consumed the muffins, they were hospitalized. According to the FBI, the muffins were actually laced with marijuana.

The duo’s prank cost them their graduation plus a combined 260 hours of community service and $13,094 restitution pay to victims.

Number 4: A Fatal Halloween

In 2014, 15-year-old Adrian Broadway lost her life after her Halloween prank went horribly wrong. The girl was with her friends pulling a revenge prank on another group when the incident took place.

Apparently, Adrian and her pals were throwing eggs, toilet paper, and mayonnaise on a car as part of their retaliation. That was when a 48-year-old man came out of the house and opened fire on them, instantly killing her and injuring one of her friends.

Number 5: A Deadly Jump Scare

In 2013, an 18-year-old girl named Premila Lal met her demise after being accidentally shot by their housesitter. Apparently, she hid in a closet at her house as the shooter, 21-year-old Nerrek Galley was watching over the property.

The plan was to surprise him by jumping out of the closet. However, it didn’t work out as planned. When Nerrek heard noises, he grabbed his gun thinking it was an intruder. As soon as Premila opened the door, she was shot and sustained serious injuries. She later passed away at a hospital. As for the shooter, he did not face any legal charges.

Number 6: A Pretend Suicide Turned Reality

Back in 2013, 16-year-old Jordan Morlan from Fern Creek, Kentucky, played a scary Halloween prank on his sister. Initially, he planned to pretend to hang himself and then come back to life.

However, things went horribly wrong. Apparently, he hung himself for real and immediately lost consciousness.

His sister then found him and called for help. Unfortunately, it was too late for Jordan. He was comatose for twelve hours before pronounced dead.