The Drunk Guy’s Road To Keeping It Classy

Classy drunk? Is that even possible? Yes, my friend – it is. You see, there is nothing wrong about going out, having the time of your life, and getting drunk. After a week of hard work and what have you, it is safe to say you deserve a bottle of cold beer. Cheers!


But as you chug another bottle, little do you know that alcohol is already flowing and your morals are starting to fade from your conscious mind. The next thing you know, you already passed out. Lucky for you, blacking out these days is as acceptable as eating tide pods (wait, are they?).


If you often find yourself hugging the floor or wondering where on earth you were last night, it is time to make a change. There are ways to prevent these mishaps from happening ever again. It is about time you trick people into thinking that you are much less inebriated than what your alcohol intake says. Let’s get down to brass tacks.