Is This Proof That Time Travel Exist?

It has been a long-standing debate on whether time travel is possible or not. It has become so popular that the topic has been used for science fiction for the longest time. From “Doctor Who” to “Star Trek” to “Back to the Future”, these time travel-inspired films show humans going back and forth the past or future.

However, with all the opposing opinions from scientists and evidence that remains unfounded, it’s easy to get muddled up with reality.

Recently, an old photo quickly went viral after eagle-eyed viewers claim to have spotted a time traveler.  The image, which was uploaded on Twitter by Stuart Humphryes, was allegedly taken on Towan Beach, Cornwall during the Second World War in 1943.

The Twitterverse instantly go into a frenzy when several users pointed out a fella in a scruffy brown suit, standing right in the middle of the beach. At first look, nothing seems to be out of the ordinary — sun-loving beachgoers soaking up the sun, pristine waters inviting swimmers to get in — it’s a typical old-school summer setup.

However, upon closer look, the man in question can be seen fiddling with what appears to be a cellphone — a gesture which looks very familiar in 2018.



Apparently, Humphryes initially did not spot the alleged texting time traveler. But as soon as he shared the seemingly innocent beach photo, comments about the odd man started flooding in.

Many were quick to believe that the man is a real-life time traveler. Some even went as far as pointing out the obvious fact that mobile devices have yet to be invented around the same time the photo was taken.

While many sci-fi enthusiasts have been embracing this latest time-traveling proof, others remain skeptical. Even the person who uploaded the image wasn’t convinced, adding that the man must have been rolling a cigarette or something.


Interestingly, this is not the first time that supposed evidence of time traveling made its way online.

In 2010, eagle-eyed viewers caught a glimpse of what appears to be a woman talking animatedly on her mobile phone in Charlie Chaplin’s 1928 film, The Circus. Now mind you, cell phones do not exist around that time so seeing that scene is somewhat eerie.


Another supposed proof of time travel is this image. Take a good look at the photo, and you’ll notice a man with his Mohawk haircut and white short-sleeved shirt — a far cry from everyone else’s looks. Sure, the man in question was probably trying to make a fashion statement. However, the snap was taken in 1905 and Mohawks were introduced in the 1970s. Creepy — I know.


Now you might think that people claiming to be time travelers are just making things up and merely lying about it. However, a guy named James Oliver claimed he’s an alien from the year 6491. The creepier part — he actually passed a lie detector test. Was he really telling the truth? Well, nobody knows for sure.


If time travel stories are not convincing enough for you, take a look at this image revealed by a self-proclaimed time traveler. The unnamed man claims he took a photo of one of the major cities from the year 6000. Apparently, this guy from the future traveled all the way to the present to warn mankind about a top-secret technology that will be introduced to us in 2028. It remains unclear what this technology actually does, or if the distorted image is actually authentic.


Do you think time travel really exist? Are these pieces of evidence enough to convince you that it’s real? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.