Fun Facts That Are Actually False

Fun Fact: not everything you learn from school or your parents are actually true. Believe it or not, these tidbits of information have been deceiving many of us for the longest time. Not that it’s a bad thing, but it’s definitely interesting to know the truth behind them. We at Wonderly put together a list of “facts” that are actually “false.” Let’s get to it.


Growing up as a child, you’ve probably been warned by your mom not to swallow a gum, threatening that it will take seven long years to digest. Some moms even went as far as scaring off children that a swallowed gum will literally grow in the stomach. But no, this old myth is far from reality. It turns out that the chewy base of the gum is indigestible and passes right out of the body. So those gums that you gulped down over the years? They’re probably not in your tummy anymore.