Dragon Awaken: A Quick Review

Are you looking for an online strategy game that can keep you busy for hours? Well, look no further. Dragon Awaken by Proficient City and Game Hollywood is here to satisfy your turn-based RPG cravings. In this video, we’re going to take a quick look at this browser-based game that’s taking the MMORPG world by storm. But first, be sure to hit the subscribe button to see more of our videos. Now, let’s get to it.

Dragon Awaken is a turn-based combat game that has tons of features for players to enjoy. Unlike other titles under the same genre, there’s something unique about this game that makes it stand out from the rest.

For one, it boasts an Asian-like theme. In Dragon Awaken, players get to enjoy highly detailed characters and impressive environments. Personally, I feel like the graphics of the game is giving me that Japanese-Chinese fusion vibe. The heroes, in particular, can easily pass as characters straight from a manga or anime series.

Speaking of characters, players can enjoy all four classes in Dragon Awaken. These include Duelist, Cleric, Paladin, and Mystic. This gives players the flexibility to choose what best suits their party for each situation. Players can also have access to specific equipment and fashion items depending on class.

The game’s storyline is also something noteworthy. Most MMORPGs tend to lack a cohesive story and are very predictable. But it’s not the case at all for Dragon Awaken. Players can definitely immerse in the plot right from the intro tutorial. For instance, players can be easily invested in the game by raising and training their own dragon allies, as well as mounts.

Dragon Awaken also has a good combat style. Avid gamers may find its top-down point of view and point and click movement strikingly similar to that of Diablo, which isn’t bad at all. Players take control of their characters, pets, and mounts as they battle on immersive backdrops such as forests and dungeons. Players will also have tons of skills to choose from, making the game even more interesting. Of course, its online feature adds to the unpredictability of the game as real players battle it out for victory.

Overall, Dragon Awaken brings something new for MMORPG fans. The fact that it’s browser-based makes it even easier for gamers to jump into any time of the day.