9 Viral Trends That The Internet Probably Forgot About Today

Before the internet-crazed people started eating tide pods or jumping out of a moving car, there were other viral trends that took the world by storm. From soaking yourself with ice-cold water to laying face down in the most unusual places, these trends had their fair share of online fame.


Here are 9 Viral Trends That The Internet Probably Forgot About Today

Number 1: Ice Bucket Challenge

This viral trend is one of the few online challenges that was intended for a good cause. The Ice Bucket Challenge, also known as the Cold Water Challenge, aims to spread awareness about ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

Three young men diagnosed with ALS introduced the world to the Ice Bucket Challenge in August 2014. The challenge is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is pour a bucket of ice water over your head while being filmed. You will then share the video online and challenge your friends to do the same.

At that time, millions of people worldwide participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge, including big names such as tech billionaire Bill Gates. The trend was also able to produce $220 million in donations to ALS charities around the globe.

Number 2: Gangnam Style

You’re probably living under a rock if you haven’t heard the catchy K-pop song, “Gangnam Style.” The song, which was written by the famous South Korean musician Psy, became an instant hit — thanks to its unique tune and contagious dance moves.

Gangnam Style, which was released on July 2012, debuted at the top spot on South Korea’s Gaon Chart. A few months later, it dominated the international music scene and became the first YouTube music video to reach one billion views.

Number 3: Planking

This viral craze got a lot of people laying face down on almost all sorts of location. Interestingly, the trend started way back in 1984, when two high school students decided to lie face down during a baseball game. Apparently, the two boys were curious if anyone would react to their antics.

However, it wasn’t until 2008 when planking became a huge hit online. Sam Weckert, who reportedly coined the term “planking,” created a Facebook page dedicated to the said trend. The page received thousands of planking photos — most of which were done in the most unusual places. Since then, planking grew uncontrollably and became a worldwide phenomenon.

Number 4: Mannequin Challenge

The Mannequin Challenge became viral in 2016. In this challenge, a group of people will be required to stand still like mannequins while a moving camera films them. One of the very first Mannequin Challenge video ever posted online was from the students of Ed White High School in Jacksonville, Florida.

The post quickly went viral and inspired others to do the same. Some groups that joined the challenge include professional athletes and sports teams.

Number 5: The Dab

You’ve probably done the “Dab” at least once in your life. This iconic dance move went viral in 2015 and has become one of the most famous dance steps all around the world. The dab originated from the hip-hop scene in Atlanta way back 2010.

Dabbing is actually pretty simple. All you have to do is drop your head into the bent crook of a slanted arm while raising the opposite arm in the parallel direction. This gesture is not only a dance move but a major statement as well. In fact, even celebrities, athletes, and politicians jumped into the dab bandwagon.

Number 6: Running Man

Another dance craze that took the world by storm is the Running Man Challenge. Initially, it became famous when two high school kids named Kevin Vincent and Jeremiah Hall started sharing videos of themselves dancing to the tune of the 1995 hit “My Boo” by Ghost Town DJs.

Then, in 2016, the Running Man became viral after players from the University of Maryland performed the dance during the 2016 NCAA Championship.

Since then, many emergency services take part in the Running Man Challenge, including the NYPD, Australian Police, and Scotland Police.

Number 7: The Floor is Lava

This simple game has been around for years now but only gained online popularity recently. The Floor is Lava challenges players to survive a pretend lava-covered ground by leaping to a higher place.

Basically, the game starts when a friend shouts “the floor is lava.” You will have 5 seconds to get yourself in an elevated spot, such as chairs, tables, or anything that is above the ground.

Kevin Freshwater and Jahanna James were the reason why the lava challenge became a viral trend online. Their video has been viewed over 8.5 million times.

Number 8: Harlem Shake

In 2013, another dance craze dominated the internet world. The Harlem Shake got everyone dancing to the tune of 2012 Baauer hit with the same title.

The step is pretty simple. At first, you have to stand uninterested, while another person dances to his heart’s desire.

Once the song commands “do the harlem shake,” the entire room will be going bonkers.

Shockingly, the Harlem Shake got more views. In fact, it recorded more than a billion views in just a short period of time.

Number 9: The Floss

Now this one is still popular today. The Floss is a dance step that first went viral in 2016. Russel Horning, also known as the Backpack Kid, reportedly invented the viral dance move.

Shortly after it became trending, other celebrities and famous personalities performed The Floss, flailing their arms like it’s the coolest dance step in the world.

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