5 Underrated Mobile Legends Heroes

In every video game, there’s always that one character who is underrated. A character that always comes as the second option or a spare to the main hero.

In Mobile Legends, for instance, there are characters that don’t get the credit he or she is due. In today’s video, we are counting down some of the most underrated Mobile Legends heroes that are more than capable of bagging the victory.

Number 5: Layla, Malefic Gunner

Despite being a good Marksman, Layla is often touted as the easiest to kill – all thanks to her lack of escape mechanism and disabling skills. Typically, Layla needs her teammates to assist her during team fights. Let’s just say that in order to survive, this heavy hitter must use her allies as meat-shields.

But don’t belittle this Mobile Legend character. While it’s true that her vulnerability puts the team at a disadvantage, she has the capability to inflict massive damage to enemies even in larger areas. This is especially useful for an HP advantage at the start of a battle or secure kills from escaping enemies.

Keep her safe early in the game and you’re sure to wreak havoc with her later.

Number 4: Alice, Queen of the Apocalypse

This next character is one of the least picked mages in Mobile Legends. Apparently, many find her skills disadvantageous during battle.

For instance, her ultimate skill requires you to be in close proximity to enemies in order to get its full potential. But since she’s a mage, she’s not really that tough compared to other heroes.

However, her poking and teleporting skills can be a game changer if you used her correctly. Here’s a tip: make sure to never initiate a battle with her in the front line. Only utilize her after the tank attacks. That way, she won’t be taking that much damage early on the game and will be able to unleash her wrath later.

Number 3: Sun, the Monkey King

Although he is dubbed as a King, Sun is definitely an unpopular choice for many Mobile Legends players. Apparently, his lack of control for his clones easily became a turn off for many.

However, with the right team and strategy, Sun can definitely shine in the game. For instance, his clones can be very useful for tower-diving. This will give your team a brief moment to invade enemies under the turret.

Sun is also suitable for split pushing – all thanks to his clones’ extra attacks and quick escape mechanism. Aside from that, he can also perform well in team fights when he summons two clones with his ultimate.

Number 2: Johnson, Mustang

Next on the list is Johnson. This character is the least used tanks by Mobile Legends player. Apparently, he his ultimate skill is rather quite hard to use for many and doesn’t seem too rewarding.

However, he’s still considered an excellent tank – all thanks to the extra armor from his passive ability. In addition, his first and second skill make a good combo for crowd control. This can definitely change the tide of the battle.

Number 1: Vexana, Necromancer

This next Mobile Legend character is probably one of the scariest looking mages in the game. Looks aside, her abilities are actually the reason why Vexana is rarely used by players.

For some, timing Vexana’s second and ultimate skill can be quite difficult. However, if done right, it’s a sure powerhouse for the team.

Vexana has the ability to disable enemies and lure them towards her. She can also inflict massive damage in a particular area using her second skill.

If that wasn’t enough, her ultimate skill can cause continuous damage for up to ten seconds. That makes it impossible for the enemy to teleport back to base during the spell. Those who were killed by her ultimate skill will also be summoned back to life only to become her puppet.