5 UFO Sightings Caught On Google Maps

Over the years, Google Maps have seen many strange things in different areas around the world. While some of them have been adequately explained, others remained a mystery.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing things you can see on this mapping site is UFO sightings. A lot of people are convinced that extra-terrestrial signs have been caught on Google Maps multiple times in the past. Is there any truth to it? Or is it just a mere technical glitch?

We compiled some of the most interesting “UFO” sightings caught on Google Maps. It’s up for you to decide whether they are real or not.

Number 1: Alien’s Lair In Antarctica?

Eagle-eyed UFO hunters claimed to have spotted a 500-meter-long object off the coast of Antarctica. The image shows what appears to be an iceberg separated from the rest. However, many pointed out that it doesn’t fit the normal description of an iceberg, thus leading to speculations that it could be a vessel disguised as an iceberg.

Google maps: 72°43’13.53″S 78°40’21.56″W

Number 2: Crashed Flying Saucer In Arizona?

This next image was captured in Arizona. Apparently, people believe that the massive circular object on the ground is a crashed flying saucer. The fact that it was spotted in a restricted area made it even more intriguing. To this date, there has been no official explanation as to what exactly it is.

Google Maps: 31° 26’43″N 109° 4’30″W

Number 3: More Crashed UFOs?

Speaking of crashed UFOs, Google Maps seem to have tons of these images from various parts of the globe. One of them is the alleged crash site of an alien craft somewhere in Antarctica. In the image, an unusual dent can be seen right in the middle of the snow.

Another interesting sighting is yet another “UFO crash landing” in the remote British territory of South Georgia. Eagle-eyed fans noted that the unidentified objects have lines leading up to it similar to tracks of a moving vehicle. Interestingly, the supposed tracks “came to a screeching halt in the snow.”

Are these crashed UFOs for real? Or just a result of a natural phenomenon?

Google Maps: 80°34’08.4″S 30°05’19.3″W

Google maps: 54°39’44.62″S 36°11’42.47″W

Number 4: UFO In The South Pole?

Given that the South Pole is such a sparsely populated place, it’s inevitable for extraterrestrial enthusiasts to look for unusual findings and activities in the area. True enough, the area has its fair share of UFO sightings caught on Google Maps.

This seemingly flying mysterious circle was taken at the mountainous terrain. To this day, there has been no logical explanation as to what was really captured in the image.

Google maps: 66°16’24.1″S 100°59’04.8″E

Number 5: Spaceship In Romania?

This supposed UFO sighting has been debunked already but still captures the attention of outer space fanatics. In the image, a circular object was captured somewhere in Romania. From afar, one would think that it’s a parked spaceship – thanks to its shape and design.

However, it was later revealed that the supposed flying saucer was actually a water tower built during the last century. So much for a UFO sighting.

Google Maps: 45°42’12.4″N 21°18’07.6″E