5 People Who Take Luck To The Next Level

Luck — some people have it, others just don’t. While it’s true that it’s a fickle thing, we can all agree that being lucky sure is nice.


In this video, we will show you some individuals who take luck to the next level. From miraculously dodging near-death situations to winning the lottery multiple times, these people definitely have a magnet for fortune. Let’s get to it.


Number 5: Bill Morgan

Making it on our list is Australian Bill Morgan. This guy definitely has a streak of good luck. It all started when he had a horrifying car accident in 1999. After being nearly crushed by a truck, everyone thought it was the end of the line for Bill. Declared legally dead for more than 14 minutes, his family is already in a grieving state. But that was when his luck strikes. After being in a coma for 12 days and despite the family taking off his life support, he managed to survive.


But Bill’s luck doesn’t stop there. As soon as he recovered from his near-death experience, he decided to celebrate his “survival” with a Scratch It card (quite an interesting way of celebrating life, if you ask me).


Since the chances of winning in this lottery are really tight, Bill wasn’t expecting much from it. Little did he know that he was about to make his first lucky “scratch.”


The car-accident survivor won a car worth almost $20,000. Now it may not be as fancy as a Lamborghini, but it’s more than enough to get the attention of the media.


Shortly after his win, he was featured by a local news station, where he was asked to reenact his lucky win. In the segment, he was shown scratching off a new Scratch It card.


And guess what happened next? That’s right! Bill hit yet another jackpot – this time, a cool $250,000. Now, that’s one lucky dude!