10 Destinations You Should Definitely Add On Your Bucket List

10. Zermatt, Switzerland

What makes the rural life of the country earthy and rich will be its variety. Alpine tradition is deeply rooted in the agricultural calendar. You will find unique soaring mountains. Villages are mapped accordingly, and you will find granaries on stilts to keep rats out of the way. The chalet farmsteads are also brightened using red geranium blossoms. The passing of season is characterized by its alp-horn concerts, flag waiving, folkloric fairs, and ancient markets. Of course, you also have the best food to enjoy here. You will get the richest and most flavorsome gastronomical experience with gooey cheese you so want to dip in along with autumnal air-dried meat and velvety chocolate.

The Swiss are innovative individuals too with a unique embrace of something experimental and new. Up and down the country, you will find plenty of attention-grabbing architecture, cultural venues, and avant-garde galleries. To name a few cultural treasures, you have the thought-provoking Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain found in the revamped 1950s factory in Geneva, Mario Botta–splashed center and state-of-the-art MASI gallery in Lugano, Frank Gehry–designed Vitra Design Museum and astounding Foundation Beyeler in Basel, and wavy Zentrum Paul Klee bearing architect Renzo Piano’s hallmark in Bern. Even at the corners of the Alps, you will come across some of the best sites when it comes to contemporary art, modern aesthetics, and fresh-faced designs.